How to prepare 

This section will help you prepare for the photo shoot as best as possible so that the results exceed your expectations. We need to work together. On my part, I promise to do my best, so I would be glad if you follow my advice:

Idea and references

Think in advance about the results you want from the photo shoot. If possible, show me some reference photos that you like and explain the purpose of the photos (dog presentation, emotional family photo session, etc.).

Prepare your look

Try to choose clothes in calm colors without bright patterns to achieve a cleaner and more attractive image. For example, in summer, consider pink, white, blue, light green colors, jeans, or solid light dresses. In the cold season, solid-colored hoodies in khaki, beige, brown, red, burgundy, or orange will look good. 

Makeup should be light and natural, without heavy black eyeliners. Hair should be clean and neat.


I am always ready to help you choose an outfit, so feel free to contact me in any convenient way!


Take care of your dog's grooming. If your dog is curly or has a beard, trim the hair covering your dog's eyes a little. Bathe your dog as close to the date of the photo shoot as possible and do not let the dog drink water for half an hour before the session.

toys and treats

Bring your dog's favorite toys, ideally: a small bouncy ball, a squeaky toy; and treats for your dog. Just in case, I always have a disinfected toy and dried farm treats with me.


The equipment should be minimal. Ideally, it is better not to use it, but if you cannot trust your dog, use the thinnest collar and leash (up to 1 cm) or get a show lead. I always have a show lead with me.

good mood

Come to the photo session in a good mood. It really increases the chances of success! If you feel unsure, I am always ready to consider rescheduling the photo shoot!